2017                  Boston University. Boston, MA                                                               B.S. Psychology                   

2014                  New England School of Photography (NESOP). Boston, MA               Professional Photography                                                                                                                                                 Certificate                


2014                Juror’s Choice Award. Personality: The Contemporary Portrait.                      PH21 Gallery.


2017              The Curated Fridge, Somerville, MA

                       Spring 2017, Juried Group Show. 

2016               Photographic Resource Center, Boston, MA

                       Off the Fridge. Juried Group Show. 

2016               Darkroom Gallery, Essex Junction, VT

                       Seities & Selves. Juried Group Show.

2015               The Griffin Museum of Photography, Winchester, MA

                       Winter Solstice Exhibit. Group Show.

2015               The Curated Fridge, Somerville, MA

                        Oct/Nov 2015, Juried Group Show. 

2015               The Middle Gray Cafe, Brookline, MA

                        Emergence. Juried Group Show.

2015                A Smith Gallery, Johnson City, TX

                        Family. Juried Group Show.

2015                Hynes Convention Center, Boston, MA

                        On Photography. Juried Group Show.

2015                Panopticon Gallery, Boston, MA                                                                      

                        Self-Portraits Not #Selfies. Juried Group Show.

2015                Luhring Augustine Gallery, New York City, NY

                        Visual AIDS: Postcards From the Edge. Group Show.

2014                Photographic Resource Center, Boston, MA

                        Your Work Here 2.0. Group Show.

2014                PH21 Gallery, Budapest

                        Personality: The Contemporary Portrait. Juror’s Choice in the Juried Group Show. 

2014                The Garner Center, Boston, MA

                        Class of 2014 Graduate Exhibit. Group Show. 

2014                Stonecrop Gallery, Ogunquit, ME

                        Shoot & Tell. Juried Group Show.

2014                Darkroom Gallery, Essex Junction, VT

                        Hue. Juried Group Show.

2014                Black Box Gallery. Portland, OR

                        Shadow & Light. Juried Group Show. 

2014                The Kiernan Gallery. Lexington, VA                                            

                        Expressions: Contemporary Portraiture. Juried Group Show.

2014                Gateway Realty Offices. Allston, MA

                        Various Portraiture. Solo Show.

2014                Colortek of Boston. Boston, MA

                        Online Banner Artist.

2014                PhotoPlace Gallery. Middlebury, VT                                             

                        Imagined Realities. Juried Group Show.

2014                Black Box Gallery. Portland, OR                                    

                        New Color Photography. Juried Group Show.

2013-2017       Lenscratch: Family, Holiday, Favorite Photo of 2013, 2014 Kiss, Self Portrait/Selfie, Summer Fun, Shut Eye, People Eating, Snow, Favorite Photo of 2014, Who & What I Love, Signs of Spring, Hair, 2015 Cell Phone, Backyards, BBQs, and Watermleon: Summer Exhibition, Favorite Photo of 2015, Favorite Photo of 2016. Blog.

2012-2014       New England School of Photography Hallway Gallery. Boston, MA

                         Student Exhibitions.


2019 “Forest of Dreams”, Portland Japanese Garden: The Garden Path. May 2, 2019, 22. Print.

2018             "In My Room", Espacios Habitados Web. August 10, 2018.


2017              Dunbar, Edward, "Concert Review: Laura Marling", Spectrum Culture Web. May 18, 2017.


2017              "Issue #82: Identity & Community", F- Stop Magazine Web. April 1, 2017.  


2016              "Issue #77: Family", F- Stop Magazine Web. June 1, 2016.                                                                                                                 

2016               "Photo of the Day", Don't Take Pictures. January 30, 2016.                                      day/2016/1/4/laura-knapp

2016               Darkroom Gallery, Seities & Selves, 2016, 35. Print.

2015               Dunbar, Edward, "Live Review: Beirut at Boston's House of Blues (11/7)", Consequence of                                                                   Sound Web. November 8, 2015.                            blues-117/

2015               A Smith Gallery, Family, 2015. 40. Print.

2015               Sayre, Henry. "The Body, Gender, and Identity." A World of Art. 8th Edition. Pearson Education, 2015. 596. Print.

2015              "Issue #71: Humans Vs. Nature", F- Stop Magazine Web. June 1, 2015.                                                                                          

2015               Dunbar, Edward, "Live Review: Hurray for the Riff Raff at Boston's Paradise Rock Club (4/23)", Consequence of                               Sound Web. April 24, 2015.                           paradise-rock-club-423/

2015               "Photograph of the Week", Cove Alpa Web. April 8, 2015.

2015               "La Ura", Colortek of Boston's Featured Artist Web. April 1, 2015.

2015                Altarez Mapanoo, Sherwin, "Self as Subject", The Multiple eXposure Project Zine Web. April 1, 2015.                                       

2015               Dunbar, Edward, "Live Review: Wolf Alice at Boston’s Middle East Upstairs (3/1)", Consequence of Sound                                          Web. March 1, 2015.                                    upstairs-31/

2015               Dunbar, Edward, "Live Review: Will Butler at Boston’s Middle East Downstairs (3/6)", Consequence of Sound Web,                          March 7, 2015.                          36/

2015               Spring, Elin, "Self-Portraits, Not 'Selfies'!", What Will You Remember? Online Blog. February 3, 2015.                                        

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2014                PH21 Gallery, Personality: The Contemporary Portrait, 20146, 21. Print.

2014                PH21 Gallery. “Personality: Juror’s Review", Web. September 23, 2014.


2014               Dunbar, Edward, "Live Review: Simian Mobile Disco Performs Whorl at The Sinclair in Cambridge, MA (9/20)",                                  Consequence of Sound Web. September 21, 2014.                              mobile-disco-performs-whorl-at-the-sinclair-in-cambridge-ma-920/

2014                Piedrahita, Catalina, “Laura Knapp on Life After School & Supporting Fellow Artists",

                        Middle Gray Magazine Online Blog, Sept. 22, 2014.                                                                                                                       

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2014                 Darkroom Gallery, Hue, 2014. 37. Print.

2014                 Kiernan Gallery, Expressions: Contemporary Portraiture, 2014. 15. Print.

2014                 PhotoPlace Gallery, Imagined Realities, 2014. 26. Print.

2013-2014        Carey, Erin, The Professor’s Suitcase Web blog.

2013                 Piedrahita, Catalina, “Laura Knapp on the Other Side of the Lens”, Middle Gray Magazine Web, Oct. 24, 2013.


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